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I propose itineraries with a thousand emotions, under the sky of Florence and the territories that surround it.

Breathe in the scents and taste the flavors of Tuscany, discovering its treasures, admiring its landscapes, learning its stories and living its traditions.


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Born and raised in Florence in the 15th century

A journey that starting from the Basilica of SS.Annunziata, in the splendid setting of the square of the same name, will arrive at the “ride of the Magi” in the family chapel of Palazzo Medici Ricccardi.

You will be accompanied through the fifteenth century and following, its palaces and institutions for childhood and the education of children in Medici Florence “at the dawn” of its Renaissance.

Durante, while Dante…

We all know the great poet Dante Alighieri: his Comedy, his literary works on the Italian language and politics.

Few know Durante about Alighiero degli Alighieri: his first home, his first love, the journey that took him to Florence, his political and socio-cultural mission… in short, his human face. We will start from the church of San Miniato in Pagnolle, on the hills that…

Galileo: journey around the orbit of man and scientist

An experience dedicated to anyone who wishes to observe more closely the universe of Galileo, man and scientist: launched like a satellite to enter the orbit around his planet made of scientific research and life lived. We know a lot about his scientific research, his experimental method and his naturalistic astronomical observations: but how much do we know about his private life as a man?
We will start from his last Florentine residence..

galileo galilei nella nicchia agli uffizi

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Aperitif with Siege

We all know the great poet Dante Alighieri: his Comedy, his literary works on the Italian language and politics. Few know Durante by Alighiero degli Alighieri: his first home, his first love, the journey that took him to Florence , its political and socio-cultural mission, in short, its human face. We will start from …

Seven Stories for Seven Hats

A hat is more than just a piece of clothing. It can tell a lot about the wearer and himself, with all the history that
hides. In the same way, a place can refer to a hat, recall its history and be the perfect setting or
birth place…
Mad world, that of hats, as the English hatters were called mad. Books have been written where one of the protagonists is a
hatter and we are all invited to his table for a crazy five o’clock tea… but only for those who want to travel through the Florence of wonders.
Florence, from the Middle Ages to the present day, preserves thousands of stories:
even hundreds all in one square. Through its streets, its buildings and squares we will go to meet the Hatter
Crazy… already because hidden in the heart of the city there is the place where we could certainly have met the crazy, very funny and
senseless craftsman from Lewis Carroll’s novel.
We will leave with the train of history to reach the glories of the capital Florence, then climbing to the peaks of the Tofane after passing through the squares of the universities and of the Italian Risorgimento: a period in which Florence was among the most important protagonists.
The history and the stories we will listen to will make us wear our hat with greater awareness and identity: because underneath
it hides thousands of stories, feelings, passions and adventures that tell our life to the whole world.
All you have to do is open the door to go out without remembering to wear your hat… whether you’re a woman or a man!

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Quando sento che mi prende la depressione, torno a Firenze a guardare la cupola del Brunelleschi: se il genio dell’uomo è arrivato a tanto, allora anche io posso e devo provare a creare, agire, vivere. 

(Franco Zeffirelli)

E quando in Palazzo Vecchio, bello come un’agave di pietra, salii i gradini consunti, attraversai le antiche stanze, e uscì a ricevermi un operaio, capo della città, del vecchio fiume, delle case tagliate come in pietra di luna, io non me ne sorpresi: la maestà del popolo governava. 

(Pablo Neruda)

Tra tutte le città straniere, Firenze è divenuta certo quella che io preferisco. Più ci vivi e più ti accorgi di amarla. Vi è qualcosa di accogliente da farmi sentire a casa mia. 

(Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij)

The porter replies:

If you arrive by car…

Villa Costanza Park is located a few kilometers away from the city of Florence and can be accessed via a dedicated exit from the A1 motorway in both directions. From there you can reach the city center via tram.


In the city you can use the FLORENCE PARKING service. It is also possible to download the App for your smartphone with which you can choose which car park to leave your car in and also know the occupancy level in real time.

If you wish, it will also be possible to park in the special blue paid parking spaces available throughout the urban road network. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the ZTL (limited traffic zone). train

The Santa Maria Novella station is located in the historic center not far from the Duomo. At the exit of the train station it will be possible to use the public transport service with buses, trams and taxis.

(The station ends in the centre)

... by plane

There are two airports that serve the city: Galileo Galilei in Pisa (80km from Florence) and Amerigo Vespucci in Florence (Peretola area 10km from Florence).

Both served by bus service, otherwise both can be reached by car: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes for the first, while the second takes 20/30 minutes. also based on traffic flows.

Public transport in Florence.

Florence has a bus service for urban and extra-urban lines, trams and taxis.

For timetables and stops you can consult the links below based on your choice. (smartphone app also available) (smartphone app also available)

For taxis you can choose between two companies by calling the numbers:

055/42 42 or 055/43 90

A small note: when communicating the address at the time of the call it is necessary to specify whether the number that concerns you is residential (Black number) or professional (Red number).

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Romantic atmospheres, breathtaking landscapes, unique locations and much more that only Florence and Tuscany can offer will be the setting for your anniversary. If you give us the opportunity to make your moment truly unique… we will try to amaze you!.


During a trip there is always a surprise to take into account. To make it one of the most beautiful, all you have to do is whisper your secret in our ear and together we can do great things!

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