Galileo Galilei: a journey around the orbit of a man and scientist

An Experience for anyone that wishes to take a closer look at the universe of Galileo as a human and scientist. Throw yourself like a satellite and enter the orbit of his planet made of scientific research and real life. Much we know of his scientific research ,his experimental method and his astronomical naturalistic observations: but do we know anything of his private life? we will leave from his last florentine residence located  on the hill of Arcetri, where today inside “villa il gioiello”, takes place an astronomical observatory..his last refuge where he did his scientific research and astronomical observations.and peasant life but also the place of prison life, after the harsh sentence for his heliocentric theses. We will start from discovering many personalities of the political and artistic cultural world to the blind scientist in his last years of life. After will follow a refreshing break at the historic restaurant “Da Omero”, just a few steps away from the villa, where you can taste the typical flavours of Tuscany and Galilei’s dining. we will then go to the museum dedicated to science that bears his name: a treasure chest that preserves many objects, writings, researches, documents and scientific instruments that belonged to the man and scientist. At the end of our “ellipse” around Galilei’s planet, we will be enchanted by the landscape of Florence’s city from the beautiful panoramic point “Bellosguardo” : another place of life and research of our scientist but also a true galaxy of “stars”of literature, art, culture and politics of Italy and Europe. Leopoldo II de Medici also realized how “blessed” the place was, leaving us a precious tabernacle after saving himself and his children from a serious life threatening episode that you will know about, only by living this spatial and exciting experience …

Villa il Gioiello

Situated on the Hill of Arcetri raises a villa that served as a golden prison for the man and scientist Galileo Galilei.
At an advanced age he got expelled from the official scientific community and condemned to moderation and loneliness by direct order of Pope Paul V ( to be done in his house, neither reduced, nor banquets or dinners, nor gathered in any other way). Galileo obedient, takes up residence at Villa il Gioiello.

However nothing will stop him from observing the celestial vault, make researches, meet personalities or students, dedicating himself, devotedly in the same way, to his vegetable garden : his encyclopedia and favorite observation place during daytime through the changing of the seasons.

Historic trattoria “da Omero”


A few steps from Villa il Gioiello , another masterpiece of historical culinary art in Florence, Trattoria da “Omero”.
Let’s let the experts of the Michelin Guide have the word:
“ historic florentine restaurant, it’s the destination for those who want to open a window on the country side without being to far from the city of Florence. Local cuisine, in the winter time ribollita is a must, but also pasta and ceci ( pasta and chickpeas), fried and grilled food are also proverbial”. we will also try to let you go back in time, but only if you want to go to the “ where gluttons dare”.

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Museo Galileo Galilei


Where once stood the castle of Alta Fronte, today called Palazzo Castellani, in ‘Piazza dei Giudici square’, behind the most famous museum of the Uffizi, is Galileo Museum or museum of History of Sciences. Inside you can find many precious scientific instruments , among the most important in the world belonging to the collections of the Medici and Lorena (XVI-XIX century).

An authentic material testimony of “the importance” attributed to science and its protagonists by the exponents of the Medici dynasty and the Lorena grand dukes. You will also find an impressive celebration of the scientific genius Galileo, that despite being condemned to abjure, could always count on the trust of the Medici, the love of his daughters, and the trust of his disciples, who until and after his death assisted him by celebrating his full scientific authority and extraordinary humanity.

Panoramic point Bellosguardo

Straordinary natural “balcony”that offers to who wants to once forget the most famous Michelangelo square., the possibility to observe Florence in a special and esclusive way from the Hill of Bellosguardo that overlooks Florence offering a breathtaking view. The beauty that shines from the city with its buildings, churches, and typical places, reflects in the eyes of the observer from the place that has seen the passage of poets, writers and characters who have marked the history of Italy and also Europe and the world. Climb it to believe it!